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Basics of Java Programming - Part 2


What is Constructor in Java?
  • A constructor is a member method
  • Should have same name as class name
  • It will never return anything
  • It will use to allocate memory. 

class ConstructorExample {

int x;

String y;

public ConstructorExample() {

//constructor can be used to initialize default values for variables

x = 5;

y = "Hello World";


//parameterize Constructor

public ConstructorExample(int k, String str) {

//constructor can be used to initialize default values for variables

x = k;

y = str;



class inside a class(Inner Class)

class Outer {

int i;

class Inner {

public void show() {

System.out.println("Method inside inner class");



static class InnerStatic {

public void show() {

System.out.println("Method inside static inner class");




public class InnerDemo {

public static void main(String a[]) {

Outer outerObj = new Outer();

// access Inner class method

Outer.Inner innerObj= Inner();;

Outer.InnerStatic innerStaticObj = new Outer.InnerStatic();;




// Method inside inner class

// Method inside static inner class


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